Learning More About The GU10 LED Light Bulbs

What Are These Gu10 LED About?

How we light the rooms in our tall office buildings and in tiny homes matters. Human beings all over our plant are beginning to come together over the idea that we should save energy when we know how to do so. It is an idea, as they say, whose time has time.

The GU10 LED bulb is a specific kind of LED bulb that can be used to replace certain halogen bulbs and save energy. This means that the GU10 LED bulb is becoming popular in energy-saving communities. Think of it… warm bright light that does not cost the Earth…

8W Gu10 LED Spot Light Replace 50W Halogen Lamp

The LED bulbs will provide with an amazing amount of efficiency for their electricity usage, power outputs and for the environment. Whether they are being used in a residential house or commercial applications, the GU10 LED bulbs provide a significant amount of savings; money and electricity. These LED bulbs traditionally use less than 1/6 as much energy as an incandescent bulb and about 2 to 3 times less than compact fluorescent. The saving is about equates to several hundreds of dollars worth of savings throughout the life of the bulb usage.

Does The GU10 LED Bulb Actually Save Energy?

Yes. We know that LED lights use less energy that traditional incandescent lights – the kind of light bulb that we see sketched above a cartoon character’s head when he has a fabulous idea.

As the U.S. Department of Energy (U.S. D.O.E.) points out, these incandescent light bulbs waste lots of energy; 90 percent of the energy they generate produces heat. But of course we do not use our light bulbs to heat spaces. LED lights, including the GU10, do not produce heat. This means that they are using almost all of their energy to create light.

The amount of energy that we use to light our working and living spaces is significant. The U.S. Department of Energy also points out that lighting uses up about 14 percent of all of the energy a large building uses and about 10 percent of that used in a typical home. These are not insignificant numbers.

Can The GU10 LED Bulb Be Used In Most Light Fixtures?

No. While it saves the same amount of energy that other LED lights, it is manufactured to fit specific fixtures. There are currently LED bulbs to fit almost any fixture in your home. Let’s look at what the name of this specific bulb actually means.

The “GU” indicates that the bulb base has two prongs, two pins that insert into receptacles. The “10” tells us that the base of the bulb is 10 mm in diameter.

This kind of light bulb fits well into light fixtures that were designed to hold halogen lights. Halogen lights were once heralded as the next wave in environmentally conscious lighting options, and while they do still offer some benefits, the LED bulb has risen to the top of the list of the most attractive on the market.

Is The GU10 LED Bulb Expensive?

All LED bulbs are more expensive than comparable bulbs on the market – when you just compare the initial cost of the bulbs. But when you factor in the savings in energy costs that come over time, the LED can take the mantle of most inexpensive bulb.

It breaks down something like this. According to nationalgeographic.com, an LED bulb lives much longer than an incandescent bulb. An LED can live for between 35,000 and 50,000 hours while the incandescent can be expected to go out after a life of between 750 and 2,000 hours. We know that a traditional bulb is no longer when its filament breaks. Interestingly, there is no filament to break in an LED light, so it is said to have passed when it reaches 70% of its original brightness.

This is not to say that LED lights are cheap. They are not. Prices vary for different sizes, as one would expect. IKEA is currently selling a GU10 LED bulb for $9.99. This is a price that we would not have seen a few years ago. Other major retailers show prices up past the 20 dollar mark.

As national governments are poised to change lighting standards all over the world, experts tell us that we can expect considerable pressure to be placed on the price of all LED lighting. In an nutshell, LED bulbs of all shapes and sizes currently require a larger initial investment than their more conventional cousins, but do allow savings in energy costs over time.

Do GU10 LED Bulbs Change Color?

Not all of them. But there is a GU10 LED bulb that does. A high-quality LED bulb can change into 16 different colors. A remote control is used to change said colors. There are obviously several cool ways to use a color-changing light bulb. How about a bath in a blue room? Or dining in a slightly pink setting on Valentine’s Day?

Color changing LED bulbs are more popular in businesses like spas and bars than they are in ordinary homes, but it is not difficult to see that could be a vibrant market for such bulbs.

Do GU10 LED Bulbs Contain Mercury?

Mercury is not a desired element in any product, be it a fresh Salmon or a light bulb. There are indisputable health risks associated with its ingestion. That all LED bulbs are mercury free bumps them up the popularity scale, particularly among the health conscious.

Can GU10 LED Bulbs Be Used With Dimmers?

Homeowners and office dwellers who use dimmers usually find them to be an effective and pleasant way to control light levels. What is dim to one person is too bright for another, and dimmers make it so our lights can be adjusted to the comfort level of the person using the room. Earlier versions of LED lights did not work well with dimmers, flickering on and off.

Improvements have been made to LED bulbs and now they can be used easily with dimmer switches.

GU10 LED Lights… In Conclusion

Home and business owners should seriously consider converting to LED lighting. This is known as staying ahead of the curve. There is a developing consensus that LED light bulbs, like the GU10, will be the most often used lighting devices in the foreseeable future that will be used for decades until someone comes up with something better. Why? They last much longer than comparable options, use up much less energy, and are sturdy. The very cheap bulbs that we change out with frequency are about to see the end of their market domination. And this is a good thing, if we are thinking green.

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